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3 ways Zitti helps you reduce food costs

Saving on food has never mattered more

With food costs sky-high, restaurants need new ways to reduce costs, menu plan, and maintain profit margins. 52% of restaurants say that high operating and food costs are the biggest challenge facing their business right now. This challenge is likely to continue into 2023.

Using Zitti is one of the easiest ways for your restaurant to consistently reduce food and operational costs. Here’s why:

Zitti is free to use. Beyond saving you time on vendor payments, we’ve built in big cost-saving features.
Restaurants get an average of 5% cash back from foodservice broadliners and partnered vendors.
AI-driven business insights will help you better understand your spending patterns and plan for the future.

Frequently asked questions

Which vendors provide discounts on food costs with Zitti? 


We have over 400+ participating vendors. To see if your vendors are participating, please contact us here.

How does Zitti’s rebate program work?


When you join Zitti Rebate, you have access to reduced prices for selected items you’re already purchasing from participating vendors. You don’t need to change anything about your ordering or workflow. Each month, you will receive a check for an average of 5% cash back. It’s that easy.

Do I have to submit any documentation to get the cash back each month?


Once you qualify for Zitti Rebate, you must sign a letter of participation to enroll. There are no long-term commitments, meaning you can opt-out at any time. Enrollment takes just a few minutes. No monthly forms are required.

Can I save money beyond rebates on items I’m already buying?


We can offer ongoing optimization of your purchases to maximize savings, but we’ll never require you to change ordering patterns.

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