Accept orders through Zitti

👋  Hey there! Our shared customer will be placing orders through Zitti. Our platform makes it easy for restaurants to place orders across all of their vendors in just a few clicks.

how receiving orders from Zitti works

Frequently asked questions

How will I receive orders from restaurants using Zitti? 


Orders are sent via email. Restaurants provide Zitti with an email address for their sales rep or Order Desk when they place their orders. Once they click submit, we email all order details to that email address.

Please ensure your customers have the appropriate details to submit orders via email.

What are the benefits of accepting orders through Zitti? 


Zitti brings clarity to the ordering process by providing detailed information about every item the restaurant wants to order. This helps reduce unnecessary back-and-forth with the restaurant and ensures order accuracy.

How do I confirm or make substitutions to an order?


You will confirm the restaurant's order the same way you would any other order received via email or text. For any changes, questions, or substitutions you will communicate directly with the restaurant.

What details are included in the order email? 


Order emails from Zitti include all necessary details for you to easily confirm the order on behalf of the restaurant.

Details included: 

  • Customer number
  • Account name
  • Delivery address
  • Delivery date
  • Order notes
  • Item description
  • Item number
  • Item brand
  • Item quantity
  • Item specs

Can I see an example order email? 


Of course! Below is an example of what an order placed through Zitti looks like in your inbox.

Email example: 

Example order email from Zitti