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Transform your restaurant's operations. Control your cash flow and cut food costs with Zitti.

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How Zitti transforms your

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Order smarter

Make the best food purchasing decisions with insights and Zitti Order Guides.

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Pay bills faster

Speed up your bill payments and maximize your cash flow with Zitti Payments.

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Store invoices in the cloud

Simplify your process by managing invoices seamlessly.

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Earn cash back

Join Zitti Group Purchasing and get cash back from participating vendors without changing a thing to your process.

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Frequently asked questions

What is restaurant management software?


Restaurant management software (RMS) makes restaurants more efficient and profitable by integrating and automating different functions of restaurant operations. This is a broadly used term that includes solutions for payments and accounting, inventory management, staffing, and other back-of-house or front-of-house operations.

What are the benefits of using restaurant management software?


Restaurant management software automates repetitive tasks, reduces the instances of human errors (i.e. incorrect data input for invoices), and provides historical data and insights about your business operations.

Properly implemented restaurant management software should make your team more productive, reduce the rate of errors, and improve your profitability.

How can Zitti save my restaurant time and money?


Our restaurant software is designed to optimize your back office operations. This includes streamlining your invoice management and vendor payments, optimizing your supply chain, and getting you cash back through our group purchasing program.

Zitti saves your restaurant time in these three ways:

  1. Invoice scanning makes uploading invoices fast and easy
  2. Pay your vendors from a single portal - no more wasting time jumping between portals to check on payment status
  3. Stop writing and mailing checks. Send payments with a click of a button

Zitti saves your restaurant money in these three ways:

  1. Provides cash back on food items and supplies through Zitti Group Purchasing
  2. Helps optimize your supply chain and order process to ensure you're getting the best prices
  3. Schedule payments instantly or by due date to avoid late payments and penalties

What types of restaurants should use Zitti?


Our payment and invoice management software was designed to meet the needs of busy restaurants that operate as single locations, multi-unit restaurants, and small chains. If any of these scenarios sound like your restaurant, Zitti could be a great fit!

  • You don’t have a Head of Supply Chain or dedicated team managing your purchasing but would love to have one
  • Your restaurant orders the majority of your food and supplies from the same mix of vendors each month
  • Your restaurant pays invoices through a mix of ACH, credit cards, and checks
  • You’re a new or established restaurant that wants to simplify your back office processes and payment process
  • You’re a restaurant with multiple locations and want to digitize and streamline your invoice and payment processes
  • Your current payables process involves a lot of manual work - picking up invoices, writing checks, manual data entry, or other time consuming processes

How much does Zitti cost?


Zitti Order Guide subscriptions start with a free trial. Your monthly price depends on the number of items included in your Order Guide.

Please email sales@zitti.com for a custom quote.

Zitti Payments charges $1 per invoice paid. There are no additional fees or monthly costs to use Payments.

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