Pay and manage invoices

See it, pay it, move on

From cloud-based invoice management to vendor payment with a click of a button, move faster with Zitti.

Invoice summary page



Invoice auto-fill

AI-powered scanning automatically fills in invoice details for you.


Bill pay

Pay how you want with ACH, credit, or check.


Quick deposits

Vendors receive ACH payments within 24 hours.


Payment tracking

Always know where a payment is with process and arrival dates.

How it works

Manage invoices and payments in the cloud

Always know when money will leave your account and whether a vendor has received your payment

add an invoice screen

Upload or email an invoice

Import an invoice with the snap of a mobile camera, a digital scan, or even have your vendors email us directly.

Skip the busy work

We use AI-powered technology to fill out the details for you.

See key information

We categorize your invoices for you so you can see what and when you need to pay at a glance.

review and pay screen

Pay anywhere

Make payments anytime, from anywhere, without missing a beat.

Choose how to pay

Whether you want to send payment via traditional check, directly from your bank account, or by leveraging credit card points, we make it easy.

Select payment delivery

Pay bills separately, or all at once—instantly or to be delivered by the due date.

invoice payment tracking screen

Stay in the know

Status updates and date-tracking keep you and your vendors in the loop, so everyone knows whether a payment has been delivered.

Manage cash flow

Monitor invoice and payment information to make payments strategically.

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