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Use powerful real-time reporting at both the restaurant location and group levels to streamline your AP process.

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Compare spend

See your spend over time, and across vendors.


Visualize trends

Get visibility into how spend is trending.


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Control what your team can view and the actions they perform.


Export data

Analyze your information anywhere you want.

Track trends and real-time data

Keep an eye on trends and spending to better manage your cash flow.

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Track spend

Choose how you want to see your spend. Whether it’s weekly, monthly or yearly, you’ve got control.

Manage cash flow

Monitor invoice and payment information to make payments strategically.

vendor comparison

Compare vendors

See real-time data on vendor spend to manage cash flow.

Understand trends

See whether your vendor spend is trending with your overall spend.

vendor dashboard

Review vendor spend

Get updates on your spend with each of your vendors over time.

Access your data

Export your Zitti data with a click of a button, so you can plug into any third-party tool you want.

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3 ways Zitti helps you make data-driven decisions

Work smarter with real-time reporting and insights

Having accurate data is the first step to being able to make data-driven decisions to improve your restaurant’s profitability. Zitti’s payment and invoice software provides real-time insights that allow you to track overall spend and compare spending patterns by period or vendor.

Combined with our supply chain consulting service, restaurants using Zitti can be confident that they’re managing their food costs effectively.

Track and analyze your overall spend patterns in real-time for a single restaurant location, or across multiple locations.
Compare spend across each of your vendors over time.
Consult with our supply chain team to identify opportunities for more competitive pricing.

Frequently asked questions

Can I compare custom date ranges with your reporting and insights?


Yes. The default setting on your dashboard compares month over month spend, but you can select any date range you like to gain the insights you need.

Can I export my data from Zitti?


Yes. You can export your data to a csv or excel file making it easy to share data with others on your team or upload into a third-party system.

How do insights from Zitti help me manage my restaurant more effectively?


Having accurate, real-time data that tracks your spend allows you to easily identify trends and irregularities in your invoicing patterns. This data can be used to help you pay more strategically to manage your cash flow and plan for future spend and growth.

How do I get access to supply chain consulting from Zitti?


Restaurants using Zitti Payments can get access to our supply chain consulting services. We leverage internal insights and expertise to help our customers optimize their supply chains to improve their profitability.

Customers interested in accessing supply chain consulting can reach out to their account manager to help schedule their first consultation.

How much does Zitti cost?


Zitti Order Guide subscriptions start with a free trial. Your monthly price depends on the number of items included in your Order Guide.

Please email sales@zitti.com for a custom quote.

Zitti Payments charges $1 per invoice paid. There are no additional fees or monthly costs to use Payments.

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