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Compare pricing on 25 food items of your choice across vendors with Order Guides.

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Zitti's Order Guide

How it works

Select up to 5 vendors to see side-by-side pricing.
Choose 25 of your core food products.
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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using Order Guides?


Time is money. Order Guides save you both.

If your restaurant doesn’t have a supply chain team, you’re probably spending precious hours shopping around for key items or overpaying.

Order Guides deliver comparative pricing information on your top items directly to your inbox. You can use this information to make strategic purchasing decisions to lower your food costs.

Can I include more than 25 items in my Order Guide? 


Yes. Order Guides are fully customizable, which means we’ll work with you to deliver information on the items that are most important to you.

Can I make changes to my Order Guide if my menu changes?


Yes. We know many restaurants change their menus regularly. Customers can update the items included in their Order Guide as needed.

Do I need to be using Zitti for payments in order to receive your Order Guides? 


No. Order Guides can be purchased separately from our payments platform. We do strongly recommend digitizing your payments process to make your back-of-house more efficient.