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Too good to be true? No, just fair and square. Get access to a cost-savings program that helps the independent restaurant community consistently lower their food costs.

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Get the power of a group purchasing organization (GPO). That means we leverage the purchasing power of many restaurants to obtain better pricing for you. Since restaurants purchase the same products, you can reduce the per-unit price by collectively purchasing.

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Keep buying what you need. There’s no changes to your workflow.

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Eligible items will receive monthly cash back.

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Get your cash back via check or direct deposit. In addition, you'll get a monthly statement, so you're always up to date on your savings.

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Tell us about your restaurant, and we'll send over the correct application forms for your suppliers.

3 ways Zitti helps you reduce food costs

Saving on food has never mattered more

With food costs sky-high, independent restaurants need new ways to reduce costs, menu plan, and maintain profit margins. 52% of restaurants say that high operating and food costs are one of the biggest challenges facing their business.

Reducing food costs while maintaining menu quality is a difficult balance to achieve, especially when prices and availability fluctuate day to day. Using Zitti is one of the easiest ways for your restaurant to consistently reduce food and operational costs.

Zitti’s rebate program is free! Sign up and qualify for our rebate program and get cash back each month on eligible purchases. It’s that easy.
Receive cash back on over 3 million contracted SKUs from over 600 suppliers.
Get a monthly savings report to help you track and improve your cost savings each month.

Frequently asked questions

How does Zitti’s rebate program work?


Our group purchasing program is designed to help small and independent restaurants get monthly cash back on food and supply costs. We do this by leveraging the collective purchasing power of many small restaurants across the country to provide you access to the same perks and programs that big chains receive from suppliers every day.

Restaurants can complete the following steps to sign up:
1. Submit the form above
2. Our team will be in touch to confirm you qualify
3. Complete a letter of participation form
4. Start receiving our rebate cheques or deposits via ACH

That’s it! There are no long-term commitments.

Do I have to submit documentation each month to receive the rebates?


A few of our partners require a simple order report to be submit each month, but most process rebates automatically for you. Speak with a member of our sales team to learn more.

Can I register multiple restaurant locations for Zitti rebates?


Yes! You can register your individual restaurant location or entire restaurant group for Zitti rebates. Speak with a member of our sales team to learn more.

Can I switch my current vendors to Zitti’s partners to save more money?


Yes. If you're a member of our group purchasing program, you’ll receive a monthly rebate report that identifies which suppliers and items you've received a rebate on. Once you have this information you can shift your purchasing accordingly to maximize your rebate amount and save more money on food items.

How much does Zitti cost?


Zitti Order Guide subscriptions start with a free trial. Your monthly price depends on the number of items included in your Order Guide.

Please email sales@zitti.com for a custom quote.

Zitti Payments charges $1 per invoice paid. There are no additional fees or monthly costs to use Payments.

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